Campervan Mechanical Services

Take the guess work out of your Campervan restoration with the help of our mechanical services.

We understand that everyone needs a little assistance from time to time. We didn’t grow to become one of the largest VW Camper restoration and sales specialists in the UK without a little help from our friends thats for sure! While these classic Vehicles are relatively simple by nature, they do take some skill when it comes to fine tuning and paring up of parts. It can mean the difference between a trouble free and enjoyable summer or a never ending cause of stress and worry for yourself and your family.

Our Campervan Mechanical services include left to right hand drive conversions, fitting of reconditioned engines and ancillaries, fitment of reconditioned gearbox’s, steering box refurbishment, wheel alignment and carb tuning, we have the skill and tools to do it all.

With over 40 years of combined experience in place, we have developed quality Mechanical checking and Road Testing procedures. Bring your vehicle to us up here in the North West or let us arrange to have it collected from you wherever you are in the UK.

Fault Finding

Engine Upgrades

Re-con Gearbox’s

General Mechanicals


Bay Window

£ 40

per hour (+ VAT)

Split Screen

£ 40

per hour (+ VAT)