Camper Shell Blasting

Blast from the past. Literally.

We’ve worked hard to facilitate our Vw camper pre restoration blasting area.

Using high grade equipment and machinery, coupled with a formulated blasting medium specifically designed for our needs, we are able to blast your motor vehicle shell back to bare metal without panel warping or heat distortion.

We have chosen a media that is suitable for both the upper and underside of your vehicle, meaning it is a cost efficient way of stripping your entire vehicle back to bare metal, pre restoration.  Following this process, we are also able to either Etch or Epoxy prime your vehicle, protecting it from the elements before returning it to you.

You’ve heard people talk about ‘Bare Metal VW Camper Restorations‘. Well this is where it begins.

Nationwide collection and delivery available.


Bay Window

£ 1100

per vehicle (+ VAT)

Split Screen

£ 1100

per vehicle (+ VAT)