VW Camper Conversions By Morecambe and Wize Services

VW Split Screen Interiors

VW Camper Conversions By Morecambe and Wize Services 

Here ar Morecambe and Wize Services we not only sell VW Campers, we also convert them too. For the last 9 years we have been importing and restoring Californian desert rats into bespoke luxury leisure vehicles and have developed our in house restoration  systems to be some of the best in the world today. Using the latest technology and plant equipment we can transform rattiest of barn finds into unrecognisable works or art, and now our services are open to you!

Based in Morecambe Bay, Lancashire we are ideally placed for projects in the North and West of England but can, and do, take on projects from all over the country and even overseas. Using our industry connections we can arrange to have your project safely transported to our workshop to begin it’s Interior Camper Conversion. From a simple face lift, to a complete interior rebuild, our dedicated team will talk you through the process (in normal everyday non technical language if you like) to ensure you are presented with the most comprehensive list of options available to your interior camper conversion.

Our continued investment in equipment means you get the most up to date products available for your camper conversion. If it’s interior cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes you are looking for, you will be pleased to hear we have developed six predefined interior layouts for both VW T2 Bay Window Interiors (Dawn, Sunrise and Sunset) and Split Screen Interiors  (Dusk, Moonlight and Twilight) campers.  Each layout focus’s on either maximising space, your comfort or accessories, playing to it’s strength for your maximum enjoyment while you use the vehicle for it’s intended purpose.

We’ve further simplified the camper conversion process by developing our famous ‘Options’ section process designed to guide you through the decision making process.

Step 1 – Choose your Option level of interior conversion; add items such as sound proofing, interior painting, re-wiring and lighting.

Step 2– Choose your Bespoke Interior; your interior layout configuration, choice of over 25 gloss or wood veneer finishes, add a 3/4 or full width rock and roll bed.

Step 3 – Choose your upholstery; Buddy seat covers, cab and passenger seat covers, rock and roll bed coverings in a range of luxury marine grade vinyl’s, curtains ad cushions. And finally…

Step 4 – Choose your accessories! Add things like a Propex heater to keep you toasty in the colder months, the latest SMEV appliances, extra seat belts even some wheel bling to show it all off.  After all who doesn’t like bells and whistles!

All our work is carried out by fully trained and highly skilled professionals. We don’t use ‘cheap labour’ to get the job done. It’s just not our style. Here at Morecambe and Wize we believe in doings things properly. These are not your average VW campers. No corners cut. Peace of mind.

Need some assistance with an engine upgrade or maybe you’ve just imported a camper and looking to get it shell blasted before paint? Yes, we can do that too! Check out our other camper van services we offer to the public. You might be surprised what we can do for you!

Give us a call on 0844 879 7265 or email services@morecambeandwize.com.