VW Camper Mechanical Services By Morecambe and Wize Services

VW Camper Mechanical Services

VW Camper Mechanical Services By Morecambe and Wize Services

Here at WizeServices.co.uk we know how much you love your VW Campervan. How do we know? Because we love ours too!

Established back in 2008 we have now grown to a team of 12 fully qualified and skilled professionals, that started out as enthusiasts many moons ago (yes, far too many to admit publicly anyway!). We love our campers the way you love yours. Now we specialise in maintaining, converting and restoring Volkswagen camper vans from all over the world and even export to New Zealand and China, but it’s the day to workshop duties that keep the flame alive and enable to share our knowledge and experience with a new generation of owners.

After starting out in the Hire market, and operating a successful campervan sales arm of the business, we are now fortunate enough to be able to open up our workshop to the general public. Owning a classic vehicle is a huge commitment and we understand that everyone needs a little assistance from time to time. We didn’t grow to become one of the largest VW Camper restoration and sales specialists in the UK without a little help from our friends thats for sure! From early Sambas to Late Bay Windows and even the odd T3 and T5 thrown in for good measure, we work on most vehicles to help you keep your pride and joy on the road, safe and sound. No corners cut because safety is paramount and peace of mind is important for both us and your family.

So what do we do? Well that’s simple, everything but here a quick list of some of the services we provide.

  • Basic Servicing & Pre MOT Work
  • Camper van Annual Safety checks
  • VW T2 Fuel Line replacement
  • Solex & Empi Carb tuning
  • Twin Carb set up
  • VW Camper Engine performance management 
  • Camper Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive conversions
  •  VW Camper Gearbox fitment and replacement
  • Air-cooled Engine upgrades 
  • Steering rack upgrades
  • Suspension lowering
  • Brake upgrade and replacement 
  • Split Screen Steering Box refurbs
  • Bay Window Dash Pod upgrades
  • Fuel Sender Replacement
  • Campervan Wheel & Tyre packages
  • VW Camper Auto Electrics

And the list goes on!  With over 40 years of combined experience in place, we have developed quality Mechanical checking and Road Testing procedures. Bring your vehicle to us up here in the North West or let us arrange to have it collected from you wherever you are in the UK by one of our industry partners.

We also offer a lot more than just the mechanical side of things with our shell blasting, resprays, camper van interior conversion and pop top conversions, so if you have a project on your hands it might be worth you checking those out too.

Give us a call on 0844 879 7265 now to take the guess work out of your Campervan maintenance with the help of our mechanical services.
VW Campervan Mechanical Help